Media company case

Case introduction

You are a media company with relevant content for multiple channels like webpages, apps, Twitter, AMP, RSS and Alexa. To manage all the channel you orchestrait your content in different tools:

  • App push notification service with customer UI

  • Manage Twitter directly on Twitter or social media tool

  • Webpage managed by CMS but web push managed by Firebase

  • Alexa content is present but you are not able to notify your users

Classic multi-channel workflow

Depending on the amount of channels you manage quite often you have to deal with different tools for all the channels and on top all the notifications for different channels.

Workflow could be look like this: notification hub

You will spend a lot of time with dealing different tools with their accounts. The workflow is also quite sequential and you have to prioritize which channel might be more important. The round trip time for distribute new content into different channels takes a lot of time. multi-channel workflow

By using together with a CMS plugin you can stay in one tool and manage channels seamless where you work with your content. It feels like a single step workflow in your working area and their is not need for managing different tools and accounts. notification hub