Firebase setup in console

Which API am I using?

The Google Firebase Cloud Messaging API is the basis on which the ethinking Push Notification Service sends its push notifications to Android devices and most webbrowsers. The functionality of the API has changed over the years, and there are currently two Standards how the API can be used. One of these is set to expire in 2024. it is called the Legacy API. The "v1 API" will continue to function.

The ethinking Push Notification Service can function using both APIs, so it is necessary to identify and change the API your apps are using in order for them to continue to function.

Identify Firebase settings in console

This change only needs to be done for Web Push and Android apps.

  • Navigate to your app in

  • click the "edit"-button to open settings and navigate to the Firebase settings

  • you should now see something like the following screenshot

  • Depending on which field is set, the ethinking Push Notification Service can decide which API to use.

  • If the Server key is set here, and there is no Service Account Key file uploaded, the Legacy API is in use.

This authentication method will deprecate toghether with the FCM legacy API in mid-2024. Please see this guide, Step 4 to set up the most recent authorization method.
  • if there is a Service Account Key file set, the v1 API is already in use and you don’t have to change anything.