Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have collected some of the common questions you might have regarding push service.

  1. How can I setup account with APNS or Firebase?

  2. How long it take to deliver messages to end device? will forward the notification to messaging gateway like firebase or APNS based on channel. And they forward the notification to the end device. But you can find the time taken to send notifications to firebase or APNS from our push status API

  3. Why is it taking longer time to deliver notifications?

    Take a look into the response from push status API. It could be that sending notifications itself to firebase or APNS happens faster but it takes more time to receive feedback from firebase or APNS. You will find when was the last push send out from and when was the last feedback received from APNS or firebase

  4. Where can I see errors in sending pushes?

    The error responses based on APNS or firebase feedback can be found from push status API. Details will be under field message.